Renaissauce® | Revive your food
Renaissauce® | Revive your food
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A Taste of the Sauce (a.k.a. About Us)

Renaissauce® is born in DC, raised in Brooklyn, and made in small batches. We’re black-owned and committed to lifting up and supporting the power of family and community. Our signature sauce is Strawberry Hell, a strawberry habanero sauce with a tomato base. The newest member of our sauce family is Mademoiselle Pêche, a smoky peach chili sauce.

Renaissauce® is all natural, great tasting, low sodium and low sugar. Use is it as a marinade, a condiment, in your drinks or on your grill. With a wide-mouth jar, it’s great for sharing. Or not sharing. We won’t judge.

Have your favorite foods grown tired? Revive your food with Renaissauce®.

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